Chocolate Thai-Dye

Flawless Exclusive

  • Category: Sativa
  • Genetics:  Flawless Flowers In-House
  • Smell/Taste: Fragrant Spice & Gassy Incense on the Nose with Cool Mint Chocolate Exhale
  • Look: Dense Dark Evergreen Buds with Fiery Red-Orange Hairs and a Blanket of White Trichomes
  • Effects: Immediate Head & Body High Settle Into Mental Stimulation and High Energy
Flawless Flowers Chocolate Thai-Dye
Flawless Chocolate Thai-Dye
Electric Thai Haze!

Deep chocolate notes meet a Yogi Thai haze with a 60’s era psychedelic electric fuzz. Flawless Flowers’ exclusive, Chocolate Thai-Dye, delivers a trippy terpene trance and a charge of lively and energetic Sativa stimulation. Peace, love & chocolate.

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