phat Burger

Fatso x han Solo Burger

  • Category: Indica
  • Genetics:  Bred Exclusively by Flawless Flowers
  • Smell/Taste: Lemon Pin-Sol Fuel with Classic LA OG Kush and Chemmy GMO 
  • Look: Bright Neon Green Buds with Bubbly Swollen Calyxes Tightly Packed with Trichomes 
  • Effects: Awake Body High, Wondering Mind with Sedating Relaxation 
Flawless Flowers Phat Burger
Phat Burger Flawless since 2002
Phat and Happy
Flawless Phat Burger brings together two fiery and potent strains into a cross-brand banger collab. They do this by crossing Flawless’ Fatso cut x with High Grade Farms’ Han Solo Burger male. The result is a whopper of a fueled up burger with plenty of chemmy GMO dankness.

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