Thermonuclear Lemons

Flawless Exclusive

  • Category: Sativa
  • Genetics:  Flawless Flowers In-House
  • Smell/Taste: Lemon Warheads Zest with a Splash of High Octane Fuel—a Citrus Grove on Fire
  • Look: White, Deep Violet, Orange & Lime Green Buds. Round Dense Medium to Large Buds Caked with Shiny Trichomes
  • Effects: Electric High with Serious Knockdown Power
Flawless Flowers Thermonuclear Lemons
Flawless Flowers Thermonuclear Lemons

Like a Citrus Grove on Fire!

Since its inception, our original and exclusive strain, Thermonuclear Lemons has been pushing boundaries with its explosion of atomic citrus fuel. Flawless Flowers went back to the drawing board to create this fiery lemon gem. It simply does not disappoint! Extreme citrus and full on gas flavors will permeate throughout the smoking experience. Try it today!

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